AcquaTroupe Announces Bold New CD Series !

     When one passes middle age and realizes that most of his or her life's work is not really preserved anywhere, one thinks about ways to immortalize all that effort so that others can enjoy its fruits in the future. Reaching that point, I was in the throes of helping create AcquaTroupe. This ensemble of gifted performing and creative artists has a shifting personnel roster, a willingness to break down barriers, and a thirst for new art to blend with the magic of the old and familiar.

     AcquaTroupe has launched a series of compact disc recordings which will be assertively distributed throughout the world. I was honored that the first recording chosen for this series was a CD of some of my own solo compositions, Living Piano Music. This is now officially release number one in the AcquaTroupe series. It is available from World Oceans Arts. We are excited to announce the next five recordings in the series. One is already in production; the others will follow at fairly short intervals. A detailed brochure about the entire series will be available soon. At present the unofficial (mostly untitled) CDs planned are:

     No, 1    Living Piano Music   (12 works composed and performed on piano by James Gibson)           
     No. 2    Solo piano music by Joseph Bohigian, David Dolatowski, Edward Green, Molly Joyce,Lawrence Moss, Betty Wishart, Alexander Skripko, and perhaps one or two others, performed by James Gibson

     No. 3     Art songs and arias by James Gibson, performed by mezzo soprano Ellena Hogrefe

      No. 4    Chamber music by Katherine Bergman, James Gibson, Jeffrey Holmes, Paul Lombardi, Greg Steinke, Scott Stinson, Donald Yu

      No. 5    Opera double bill: Lawrence Moss' "The Brute" and his updated version of  Pergolesi's "La Serva Padrona"

      No. 6    Kyong Mee Choi's "In a Picture of Freedom" and chamber works by several other composers   

     .....and that is just the beginning! As AcquaTroupe travels throughout North America and Europe  we will be adding musicians, featuring more composers, bringing theatre and dance and storytelling and video and more into our repertoire. We are told that this is one of the most innovative and comprehensive recording projects in the musical world. I agree!

              ---James Gibson


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