A new website for AcquaTroupe is now online and I invite you to visit! Go to and read about all the things this amazing new consortium is beginning to share with the world. I say 'amazing' with humility since I am AT's artistic director; but truly it is the efforts of other people who are making this possible.

    Briefly, AcquaTroupe breaks down boundaries and walls in order to bring great music and other arts to deserving audiences. Multiple arts, innovative approaches and unseasoned audiences in far corners are the bread and butter of this new artistic venture. The troupe is currently seeking all sorts of artists, supporters and people with ideas and something to share. We look forward to connecting with you. As a composer, pianist, singer and writer, I have to say objectively that AcquaTroupe is the kind of ensemble musicians dream about finding.. I suppose that is why I helped create it!

   --James Gibson


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