As I have previously announced, AcquaTroupe is up and running and is emerging as one of the more interesting and diversified performing groups of today. I hope you have visited, or will soon visit their website ( Inevitably, any artists who are launching a performing enterprise will think a lot about great performances by others which stand out in their minds. We have been doing a lot of this thinking; recently I asked half a dozen friends to each tell me one outstanding performance -- in the arts, sports, or other public arenas -- that really inspired them recently. Here are the results, in no particular order:

                       ***U-2 onstage in California last summer

                       ***Alicia Vikander in "Jason Bourne" movie

                       ***Boston Red Sox winning the world series

                       ***Alysa Liu, just crowned youngest ever (13 yo) U.S. figure skating champion

                       ***Ed Sheeran video "Perfect"

                       ***The casts of "Big Bang Theory" and "Victoria" for best ongoing TV series

As you can see, that is quite a variety! I like the breadth of these choices my friends made because it reminds me of what AcquaTroupe is trying to accomplish. There are very few boundaries in an AcquaTroupe performance. You may get folk music and Shakespeare and abstract painting and circus performers all in the same evening. Frankly, many of us feel there are too many instances of one artistic style or genre being widely separated from the others. We think there is strength in numbers. AcquaTroupe has embedded that principle in its initial mission statement.

         What are YOUR favorite recent performances? I'd love to hear from you, and will continue to publish your votes here and on the AcquaTroupe website. Please send them to or On with the show!

     --James Gibson


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