When the Passion Overwhelms

    When those of us in the arts experience tremendous highs of beauty and accomplishment and joy and inspiration -- which can happen often -- we frequently seize the moment. We shout, dance, call our friends, listen to a powerful song over and over....we go out for a celebration, we treat ourselves to something special, we announce it to the world. Today, though, I had an interesting experience. I am coming off of several days of tremendous inspiration and bliss in music and performance...not because of anything I have done, but because of stunning experiences with the music of others. You will read about some of that in the coming days on www.acquatroupe.com.

    Oddly enough, and almost uniquely, I found myself withdrawing today into a glorious and silent web of reflection. Fresh inspiration from several performers whose brilliance really struck me this week...a quiet sense of how beautiful and strong humanity can be...memory of special experiences many years past, and an almost psychic foretelling of future magic...all these things came and settled on me as I sat in a chair and just thought. Ironically it was because of the overpowering highs and excitement of this week's musical experiences that I was able to explore and retreat quietly in this little magical environment.

     I think most performers and creative artists go through cycles, often unpredictable, of recurring tremendous joy and terrible frustration. Much of the art we create or experience is an expression of such extremes. But the odd experience of allowing it to quietly seep and flow into one's thoughts and soul, rather than to let it out with a bang -- that is a rare and special experience. If you are an artist, try it sometime. Choose one of the most overwhelming moments of the power of the arts in your life, and just go quietly to a comfortable place....simply open your mind and soul. See what happens.

--James Gibson


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