A most important week

Hello everyone,

In the Judeo-Christian world, this is Holy Week and Passover. For everyone in the world, regardless of where their faith lies, this is also an important time in the pandemic which is affecting us all. Not only is it essential that we all maintain physical distancing and follow all the guidelines for a healthy environment. It is also important that we listen carefully to the medical experts. We must not let our eagerness to return to normal override our common sense. The crisis will not be over magically at the end of April or even May. Yes, there is reason to hope we will enjoy many aspects of a 'normal' summer. But this crisis and its list of victims are not going to diminish any time soon.

I urge all of you to find wherever your faith, hope, and capacity to survive might be found. Use that faith to take your mind to positive places. Please keep working.....we artists can all continue to practice, learn, memorize, plan, and to communicate with others. One thing that all religions teach is that life is not a luxury that is given to people without cost. There will always be suffering and sacrifice. But those are among the things that make us stronger. Let us all find the good and the positive in this time.

I wish everyone a holy, blessed, peaceful, healthy and positive week, a Happy Easter and Happy Passover days,  and a good and healthy life in the months ahead. Thank you for visiting. Be well and remain positive!

James Gibson


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