Outside the Storm, Finding Each Other

     The previous blog here talks about finding ourselves behind masks, at a distance from others, and seeking kindness where it may be needed more than ever. The capsule announcement which follows demonstrates how we can go beyond the pandemic, beyond the frustration and depression that each of us feels. It begins to lay out a plan for taking music and the other arts, and our resources, and our good will, to people even more desperate than we are.

     Our activities in the arts are going to be directly aimed over the next few years at reaching out to everyone in need. We are proud to announce a few initial choices of recipient organizations who will benefit from everything that we can do to share the arts, to provide funds and help and encouragement. These are St. Jude's Children's Hospital, American Behcet's Disease Association, Child Fund International, UNICEF, and the Red Cross. This list will grow as we move into 2021. 

Our colleagues at AcquaTroupe and JGA and World Oceans Arts are going to be taking music, both virtually and live, along with comedy and dance and visual arts and film/video and much more, to places where people really need a boost. WOA is currently producing a series of short video/photo projects including "Pandemic Panic" and "Brighten Up!", which will have some of our original music behind it, and which will hopefully enliven and strengthen people who are suffering. The new group AcquaCappella will highlight some inspirational and spiritual music in its first season as it unleashes its beautiful, amazing sounds on the world. We will all work together to build and strengthen the Artists at the Bottom Fund, which provides support for creative and performance people who are on the desperate lowest rungs of society. 

     We are in this together means we can help each other get through this. Communicate honestly, work together, lend a helping hand, don't judge others, find ways to smile through that mask. Lift someone up and you will be lifted to a higher and healthier place.  

---Everyone at James Gibson Arts, AcquaTroupe, World Oceans Arts



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